We work closely with global and local developers to help businesses of all kinds grow
their manufacturing or storage capacities by finding the best possible solutions
the market has to offer. And when the market looks like it might not have the right thing,
we go out of our way to find it!
Industrial Brokerage

Industrial Brokerage

We do big projects, medium-sized projects, small projects, and even tiny projects that the big agencies normally don’t even take a look at. Because we’re different. We believe that any project is an opportunity that can lead to another opportunity.

We’ve done quite a handful of production and storage projects but throw any type of project our way and we’ll make sure we get it done.

Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Market overview – we always know what’s going on in the market.

Market insights – we know what works, how it works, who we can talk to, when and how. You know, the stuff you don’t read in the business news about.

Reporting – creating clear and easy-to-follow reports is just one of the ways we keep our clients informed and up-to-speed.

Contract negotiation – we always, always make sure we get the best deal the market can offer and the best value-for-money ratio.

Land Brokerage

Land Brokerage

Finding the right location for most types of business is crucial and often determines the success of a company.

That is why we created a specialized division inside Dunwell, that provides our clients support in identifying the best opportunities that Romanian market has to offer. Our thorough market research and knowledge, combined with a structured negotiation process ensure safe and profitable investments.

Landlord Representation

Landlord Representation

We can support our clients’ projects starting from the very beginning until everything it’s up and running in a few clear steps.

Market research – we can provide area analysis and investment opportunities using our deep local market knowledge.

Property marketing services – we create a brand-identity for your property & show it to a select database of tenants and buyers.

Market intelligence – we get the correct property pricing for renting or selling, then move on to originating leads, negotiation and closing deals.


Market coverage

Let's Work Together.

Should you need to rent a warehouse, small or big, short or long term, manufacturing or storage, drop us a line and we’ll do it you, head to toe and at our best performance.

If you’re into land search, be it for own use or new park development, small plots or huge projects, let us know and we’ll get it off your hands and provide support for the entire process.


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